Why we should allow the use of internet when testing

When I first heard my class was chosen to try out using internet during exam, I was a little skeptical. I found it hard to show what I have learned the last year, because I could just find everything on the internet.
After using the internet at the exam in practice, I found the internet extremely helpful and couldn’t find any negative sides by having it accessible. I realized that this is the future. Before, you couldn’t use any kinds of sources during exam, and now that seems unthinkable.

When you work at home or tasks at school, you always have access to the internet so you can find information on the topic your writing about. This is a method every student is used to use daily when doing school work. 

When you have an assignment, you do not borrow 50 books at the library, you search for information at 50 different pages at the internet. You probably find the same information in the end, except when using the internet you save a lot of time and energy. The internet is just a more effective and easier way to find information. When not using communication, it is just the same as looking through books, only you found  a huger amount of information in a shorter period of time.

Internet during exam is the future! Why stop the future from happening? 

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  1. Nice illustrations! Yes why stop the future indeed? Seems like many teachers are eager to. It turns out that even if you can look up facts, you still need to process, write and find the conclusion to your questions. It isn't as easy as some people might think it is.