Evilness of evil

You can never find enough words to describe the terrible incident that happened 9/11 2001. I was 6 years old when it all happened and even though I was too young to understand the whole aspect and the consequences of the situation, I knew that something terrible had happened. It was all over the news, no one could possibly see pass it. Everyone was in shock, even though it was far away, and didn’t personal affect you, you knew that the whole world was suffering.
As I grew up I could easier see the consequences of what had happened. I could see how big a deal it was. So many people had died in that accident, the United States was in war and many would say that the whole world was changed forever.  We had seen how evil, evil can be. Over 3000 innocent people died that day, and people are still missing. Words seem empty compared to the action. It is hard to even begin to describe what happened. The words that come to mind are simply horrible, indescribable, awful, dreadful, horrific and tremendous.

Norway, a little peaceful country in north, stood by and felt sadness for the country and the people that had been personally affected by the terrible incident. Little did we know that about 10 years later something as terrible as 9/11 would happen in the peaceful country we live in. I am of course talking about 22th of July 2011. The biggest massacre in the history killed about 70 innocent children and young people based on their political opinions and their fight for democracy and equality. He also made a bomb which went of near the goverment buiding. This was an attack against the goverment and the norwegian policy. It is also likely that it was made as a distraction, so he could easerly finish his work at Utøya.

We can see some similarities in both of the accidents, but also a lot of differences. I am basically referring to the people’s reactions and how the head of state acted.
Grief is always different from person to person. In situations like these everyone has their own way of dealing with sorrow. The first thing we have seen people do after both of the accidents, its calling their families and sharing thoughts and feelings. We also see people in shock who doesn’t know what to think or to believe.
In both 9/11 and 22th of July it has been performed an attack on freedom. Both of the countries which were affected are determined to look forward to fight the values and rights that they stand for.
A difference that I see in the reactions after the two terrorist attacks is on the head of state. People can agree with me or not, but when I think of 9/11 I see towers in flames, people falling and I see revenge and war. When I think of 22th of July I think of democracy, love and unity.
George Bush showed anger against the terrorist and in a speech he said that they would get revenge against the terrible terrorist behind 9/11. Even though he felt with his country and just wanted what was best for everyone, I feel like it was more focus on the terrorist and revenge.
In Jens Stoltenbergs, the prime minister of Norway, speech after 22th of July, the name Anders Behring Breivik, is not mentioned once. He mentions all of the victims and the goodness of those who died. “We never give up our values”, “I am proud to live in Norway” is sentences which is mentioned in Jens Stoltenbergs speech.
“If one man can show so much hate, think about the love we can show together.” This is a sentence which has been known all over the world after 22th of July and it is a sentence that describes the happening perfectly.
I am glad to say that when I think back of the summer of 2011 I do not think of death and tragedy, I think of unity, love, people side by side and roses, a sign of love and freedom.
22th of July 2011: The day of roses. (rosenes dag)


Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich-Ellen was born in Lawrence, Kansas, June 22, 1960. She is an American legal clerk who despite of no law school education or any legal education at all, was a central person in the construction of a case again PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company).
Erin Brockovich can be described in these words: Stubborn, Strong, tough and sexy. After working as a management trainee at Kmart in 1981, she participated in some beauty pageants and won the title Miss Pacific Coast 1981. Furthermore she moved to California and she has been living there since 1982.
In the movie where the beautiful Julia Roberts plays the role of Erin Brockovich she is shown as a fighter, rebel and a woman with different ways to prove a point. In a unique way she manage to persuade and help her clients like no other person would have manage in the same way.  She is very serious about her job, and as we can see in the movie she puts a lot of time into the work. That literally pays of in the end, but this also meant that she had less time for her children and her boyfriend who was home watching them while she was working.
Erin Brockovich is a two time divorcee with three children and has now remarried the actor Eric Ellis. I get the feeling that Erin Brockovich doesn’t care about what other people think; her history, what she wears or how she talks. She has a tendency of cursing a lot, but in a charming way though.  Her history, clothes and the informal language of hers is a part of who she is and the way other people look at her as the strong, tough woman she is.