This year in International English

This school year I have learned a lot of useful things. I have learned about the use of internet an how to find good sources. We have watched a lot of great movies and short films that I will remember for a long time and recommend to others. The learning methods have been fun and variable. Blog, movies, books, texts, music, projects and trips are some of the thing we have done over the past year.
I feel like I have learn a lot during this year, my English has improved and I have also learn a lot about the English speaking world.

I don’t thing we had been able to do and learn all the things we have this year without the teacher we have had. Ann is very engaged teacher, you can see that she wants to share knowledge, and that I think that is the most essential for being a good teacher and to manage to make the students want to learn new things.  

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  1. Thank you for those kind words Andrea! It has been a pleasure and great fun to have this class! You have all contributed to making this a great learning experience for all of us!