Lamb to the slaughter by Roald Dahl

Last lesson when we read the short story “Lamb the slaughter” I was not present.  Fortunately I have read it before and I remember the most of it, at least the important parts.

I remember that I enjoyed reading "Lamb to the Slaughter", because it was written in a way that caught my attention and made me interested in reading more. The story contains a lot of character descriptions so I manage to create a picture of how the character looks like, and also how they are as persons. The story also have a lot of dialogs between the characters which makes the story more interesting and easy to follow.

What really completes the great story, is the ending. It is unexpected, original and humorous.  The police arrives at  Mrs. Maloney's home after she has killed her husband. She then pretends that everything is completely normal and when she “finds” her husband lying on the floor dead, she pretends to be in complete chock and starts to cry. She had then already put the lamb that she hit her husband with, in the oven and after a while she serves the policeman the lamb. In that way the policemen actually eats the murder-evidence. I think there is a great moral to the short story “lamb to the slaughter”, and I really liked the whole story, but especially the ending of it. 

All creds to Roald Dahl

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  1. Good thing you managed to write about it even if you didn't attend that class. We did see the Hitchcock movie too. You should watch it, it is different.