Living in Norway

Norway, I will never complain about living here when I see all the terrible stuff that is happening in other parts of the world. We are so lucky to live here in a place with great living conditions, peace and a lot of valuable resources.

Yesterday I watched the news about the Korean dictator that died, and when I see how the politics are and how the people in North-Korea are treated, I feel even more grateful to live here in Norway.  
Norway is a monarchy, which means that we have a king and a queen, and also a Prime minister in head of the community. We are lucky to have a democracy, with freedom of speech and religion. You don’t have to be afraid of outing your own opinions, without being arrested or executed, like some countries actually are dealing with.
Slottet i Oslo

I think the biggest difference between living in China and Norway is probably the everyday life. Just the surroundings and how you relate to other people around you. China is a huge country compared to Norway, and the cultures are also widely different.

The language is also completely dissimilar, we don’t have any thing in common when it comes to that, we even have different letters and symbols. In Norway we can understand Danish, Swedish and English, and maybe even a little German, and that’s probably a lot different than in China.
I personally think every chine looks the same, and I can’t see the difference between Koreans, chines, and Japanese, but that is probably also the same for you in China.

Many people in countries far away, have maybe not even heard of Norway, or don’t know anything about it at least. As the prime-minister Jens Stoltenberg said during the time around 22th of July “We are a small county, but today we are the biggest in the world”.  We may be a small country, but we are big on love, care and compassion. People may think we are the capital of Sweden, but we do great things that other countries admire. 

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  1. Great post about Norway and China. It is difficult to compare to different countries like that. Will be fun to see what the students in China have to say. Like your blog, many fun new widgets! Remember to link to your Twitter account too!