Social Networks

The world’s first text messages was sent in 1992, and today there are sent more massages daily than there are people on this planet. The social networks are a positive contribution to connections between people on a global basis, easier and more effectively than before.  
Today we are surrounded by social networks, both private and job related. Because the fact is that social media’s like, first of all twitter and Facebook, are used professionally and not just in private. Jens Stoltenberg, the prime minister of Norway, are a great example of a person who uses social medias for private and for work, and he has gotten a lot of credit  for what he writes on his pages.

It can be hard to adjust a profile page to both work and private, and there are therefore a lot of people who decides to make to different pages, so they can distinguish the material for they who benefit from it.  I guess that many of your colleges don’t care about what you had for dinner or that your baby just said its first words.
Twitter is more useful for journalists and reporters, because it is a place where you can connect and share messages with a huge aspect of people from all around the world. It is therefore extremely effective and simple for sharing and receiving news. During the Utøya attacks 22 of July, the victims used twitter to tell people what was happening to them. Facebook and twitter are important factors in emergency, because it’s easy to share with many people more effectively. Today there are 300 000 Norwegians users on twitter and in March 2011 there were about 200 million users in total.
The use of internet is getting more important that before. Today you can build up your own raceme while using social networks like twitter and Facebook. The job industries are actually more interested in finding out the person you are, and not just the one behind a raceme. You therefore have to be aware of what you put out on your pages, even though it actually is more negative if a hirer can’t find anything about you at all.
Even though there are a lot of speculations in rather the social networks are taking the community in right directions or not, I think the social networks are a great contribution to the society’s development, in so many different ways.  

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  1. Yes I agree with you, they are contributing a lot to how the society is developing. And I think in a good way!