MTV - a worldwide network

MTV (music television) is an American network, headquartered in New York City and launched in 1981. MTV was mainly created to be the first TV-channel too broadcast music 24/7, but has over time evolved into something bigger than it starter with.  Awards, reality shows, movies, animations, scripted programs are some of the things MTV has manage to adapt during its 30 years. MTV is primarily not a music channel any more, but maintains its traditions by sending music video-programs at night, where the shows goes by the names M is for music and MTVs top 30.

Since its launched, MTV has revolutionized the music industry with phrases like "I want my MTV", which has become a widely known slogan.

MTV has over time become a worldwide concept, with Networks on all continents.  It first entered the Asian marked in 1992, before MTVs parent company Viacom bought Germany’s largest music-television provider and became the largest music company in Europe.
In 2005 MTV began airing MTV base in Africa, which was the 100th channel worldwide. It became bigger and bigger, and extended its marked more and more, something that lead to more jobs, resources and of course wider economy.
The main target group for MTV is young people. Teen mom, 16 and pregnant, Awkward, Skins and jersey shore are just some of the many shows that are airing at MTV at the time, and as we see the shows are mainly intended for young people. When MTV first aired in Asia, the youngsters were very excited because they had something they never had before: a 24-hour music channel.
I think MTV manage to get so much attention at the beginning, because they came up with something new, and people got curies and enthusiastic.  And even though it still is a popular channel, I don’t think they would have had the same reactions and succeed as much, if they at that time had aired the same program as they have today. It would have been too mainstream.


  1. Yes I think you are right about that. Now it is more common to watch music videos on YouTube I would think.