My views on using the internet during an exam

There are many advantages and disadvantages by using the internet during an exam, and I don’t know what I would have preferred for myself during an exam.

On one side, you will be able to put more effort into the assigment and I think the task would be more comprehensive, because of the access to a lot of facts. The task will be carried out better and easier to perform, which therefore means that teachers has to be more stringent during the correction and must take into account that the student has had access to a huge amount of information.

It would therefore be difficult to distinguish between what is written by the students themself and what is taken directly from the internet. One can easily find opinions and reflections around different topics on the internet and turn it into own sentences, that is hard to find traces of. The student must be clear to set up sources and clearly show what is own opinions and what is facts taken from the internet.

During an exam, I would have searched for information on sites with a certain security, that I know I can trust. I would have chosen sources that teachers have recommended and which I know is written by professionals.
If I were to find information on pages like Wikipedia, I would always double check if I'm not sure that the information is true or false.

I think in a way that the internet would have helped me during an exam, I would have found more information on the topic I write about and therefore gain a more interesting and fluent assignment. Yet the teacher must take into account all the information the students have access to and I therefore think that in the end it will not be beneficial for a student to have access to internet during an exam, in terms of results.  

To other students who will use the internet during the exam, I recommended to be clear to refer to the sources you have used, to avoid any confusion between what is own thoughts and opinions and what is facts directly from the internet.

When you are listing up your sources during an exam, I recommend to use a program on Microsoft Word, which is an organized bibliography that lists your sources directly after a sentence from the source you chose.

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  1. I'm a little surprised that you think it is harder to write an exam when you use the internet. Even if the teacher know you have had access to information it is still you the writer who has to organize the material and discuss the problems presented in the exam. It is not the information that makes the grade, but your writing, your discussions and your conclusion!